Can Omega 7 Fatty Acids Help You Lose Weight?

omega 7 helps with weight loss

Dr. Oz study showed weight loss between mouse on sea buckthorn with omega 7 and mouse without. Both mice were fed the same diet.

Omega 7 fatty acids have a variety of benefits to a healthy body. Lowering cholesterol, helping with type 2 diabetes, and healthy skin, hair, and nails to name a few. For a more in depth list click here for our Omega 7 benefits page. More recently, palmitoleic acid has been touted for weight loss. This is especially beneficial for people on a low-carb diet.

Australian Report

Research is showing this fatty oil may help induce weight loss by building enzymes that burn fat. Australian researchers investigated palmitoleic acid as a treatment for obesity in the 1990′s. They saw a use for omega 7 in maintaining ones weight and minimizing fat storage. However, this study didn’t reach America with any significance.

Dr. Oz Supports Omega 7 Weight Loss

Dr. Oz called sea buckthorn the ‘miracle berry’ in 2011 and featured a study indicating the omega 7 palmitoleic acid found within the fruit signals the body to stop storing fat to help you lose weight. The study he featured showed 2 mice on high fat diets. One was given sea buckthorn as a supplement and the other was not. Again, these mice had THE SAME diet. The one without sea buckthorn blew up to obesity. The one with sea buckthorn maintained its weight. Something triggered the mice taking sea buckthorn to not store body fat. It’s believed the mouse stopped releasing excess calories for storage.


It’s not 100% clear why or how Omega 7 can help you lose or maintain your weight. Medical research has gathered evidence that it probably signals your body not to store fat or helps you oxidize your fat stores to burn as calories. Regardless, omega 7 palmitoleic acid has enough evidence to confidently state that it can help you lose weight. So where do you get Omega 7 from then? Click here to read about omega 7 fatty acid sources. Or simply look for the best quality sea buckthorn berry oil you can find with the highest omega 7 content.

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